Wednesday, July 28, 2021


         Today, I won’t have to be creative, because creation will be constantly happening within and around me, whether I feel ‘creative’ or not. Each moment will be imaginative in its formation of brand new sights and sounds and thoughts. I will experience innovation over and over again all day – new moments making new mysteries and marvels. This day, like all of them, will be a wellspring of wonders. I may not personally ‘like’ all the magic it makes, but it will be magic nonetheless – an immeasurable universe shaping one miracle after another. I won’t have to be resourceful and quick-witted today, because the vast and ingenious universe will take care of that for me, and I can just go along for the ride!

Here are some of the flowers in Delycia’s majestic garden these days …

And here she is holding a bird that was lying dead beside the road on our walk this morning … so beautiful …

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