Thursday, July 22, 2021


         This could be a very healthy day for me. Actually, every day could be healthy, if I would just wake up and pay attention. The universe prepares only wholesome days. Each and every hour is in great shape, and all the moments are hardy, ready to roll along with vigor and promise. I just have to be aware of this fine fitness that always surrounds me. Today, for instance, the sunlight, even in grayness, even in rainstorms, will be infinitely brighter than darkness, and breezes, even the softest ones, will blow with soundness and good spirit. Cars will cruise the highways with resoluteness, and stores will bustle with the many varieties of forcefulness of the shoppers and workers. Plus, when I look up at the sky, I will always see liveliness and completeness in the colors and clouds. In a way, each moment today will be intense, filled with its own special muscularity. Each one will be a champion, raising its arms with enthusiasm and softly shouting, “I am the greatest!”  

         I hope I can feel as healthy as this day is!

A Poem about Andy H., 70, Blessings, CT

Some days, everything happens 
in a youthful way.
Nothing blocks the pathway 
to breathless and healthy thinking. 
On those days, even his toothbrush 
seems thoughtful
in caring for his mouth. 
There's strength 
in the thank you's he hears 
all around him, 
and there's breath-taking,
athletic authority 
in every single moment. 

Here’s my chalkboard poem for today, posted in our front yard …

And here are some scenes from our walk-and-bicycle workout this morning in a lovely cemetery on the Mystic River …

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