July 15, 2021


            Today, I want to think of each moment as an inviting door that is always easy to open. Vast and intriguing mysteries await me behind each door, and all I have to do is keep my eyes open and walk willingly through. It could be a day of fascinating adventures, each moment presenting enchantment that is mine to choose.  The simplest experiences could be beguiling today, each one small but absorbing. Standing in the kitchen waiting for coffee water to boil could be a bewitching few moments, and washing plates and cups could be a carefree and delightful task, one that I might feel grateful to be performing. Even walking across the carpet today can be an interesting escapade, feeling my legs somehow flowing through the room with gracefulness. “How does it all happen?” I might wonder in fascination as I move through the irresistible doorways of today. “How is all this magic made?”


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