July 14, 2021


            I’ve always found excitement in ‘something new’ – a new book, a new shirt, a new movie to watch on television. For most of my life, I guess my days have been fairly boring, because ‘something new’ has always seemed far more exciting than what was happening at any particular present moment. Sometimes, though, it becomes clear to me that literally everything and every moment is ‘totally new’. Each moment is a flash of perfection, an unfolding of wonder and mystery that has never been seen before by anyone, and every so-called ‘thing’ – every chair, table, tree, coffee cup, and flower blossom – is a pristine, unused, and astonishing accomplishment by the universe. I am truly always face-to-face with freshness and innovation. The pen that’s beside me right now, sitting on a set of postage stamps beside some yellow post-it notes on a brown, well-lined desktop, is stunning in its newness, and will be just as stunning in every fresh moment in the future.  In fact, each moment of each day is stunning and stunningly new. So who needs ‘something new’, when all the moments make amazing, never-before-seen miracles?    


July 14th 
will let you lean on it,
and will love you for it - 
will love you with its easiest heat,
with its musically warm winds,
with its long lists of summer's blessings.   
Have faith in July 14th, 
because its sunny songs 
will be steadfast friends 
from morning until the singing of stars.
Hour after hour,
 July 14th will follow you, 
with affectionate, watchful eyes,
always ready to help 
or hold you in its arms, 

a day as devoted and thoughtful 
as they come. 

Here we are, as happy as two 80-year-olds can be, pausing yesterday on our marvelous bike ride on the O’Neill Bike Path in Kingston, RI …

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