Tuesday, July 13, 2021

            I find it amazing to realize that, throughout my long life, I have always had a plentiful supply of all the true necessities. I haven’t always had an abundance of ­­material things, like physical health and money in the bank, but now it seems clear to me that all the moments of my life have been, and will be, overflowing with gifts. For instance, I have always had copious amounts of patience available to me, to be used as I wish (though I very often didn’t use it), and an ample supply of open-mindedness has forever been ready to help me welcome whatever happens, if I choose to make use of it. The spirit of friendliness has been profuse all around me each day – in friendly thoughts and people, for instance – and the riches of  easy peacefulness await me in every moment.  Life has been – and is – lavish with lightheartedness, although I haven’t always been aware of it, and every hour has been generous in its gifts of insight and wisdom, though I have totally overlooked or ignored many of them. My life, I see now, has teemed with true wealth – not the material kind – right from the start. All my 79 years have been a non-stop presentation of special favors – thoughts and feelings and experiences I’ve never had before. 

            Am I not a lucky guy? And isn’t it about time that I realized and appreciated this good fortune?

July 11, 2021

In Plentiful, PA, USA,
friendship is profuse,
spilling over in libraries and banks
and even in the friendly factories.
There's a bumper crop of kindness
in this lavish village, and willingness
seems to wait at every corner
for needy passersby.
In Plentiful, sorrow produces
bounteous supplies of thoughtfulness,
and disappointment always distributes
prolific amounts of insight.
In this humble little town,
opulence is seen in simple smiles
and waves of hands.
Even visitors feel lush
with lightheartedness and ease.
If you visit Plentiful, PA,
be prepared to overflow,
like everything does.

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