July 5, 2021


            Each day – each moment – I am nurtured by our compassionate universe. All the countless atoms in my body are continuously nourished by a soft, persistent force that’s beyond understanding, and somehow my heart and lungs are taken good care of by a ‘mother’ that’s steadier than the endless sky.  Today, I will be attended to by breath, by thoughts, by unfolding feelings, and by the warm words I will read and hear. Breezes and sunshine and vast distances will administer to my needs. I will be fed by every pampering moment. Sustenance will be as close as the quiet air. 


This morning 
I came back to my life. 
Cars came back  
to the streets of our town. 
Sounds that love our homes and lawns 
came back. 
A flag on a store 
came back to the wind 
with a rush,
and words I sent out walking yesterday
came back this morning
to this poem.

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