Saturday, July 3, 2021


            The life that I usually think of as ‘mine’ actually belongs to the infinite and infinitely prosperous reality that we call ‘the universe’. Though it usually seems to be separate and small and enclosed within the limits of the body labeled ‘me’, in fact, what I call ‘my life’ truly ranges out to boundless, timeless, and ever-prospering realms. Scientists estimate there are somewhere near 1082 atoms in the universe – of which ‘my’ 1027  atoms are a teeny tiny part – and all of the universe’s atoms are constantly prospering, as they have been for countless gazillions of years. Yes, there is constant change occurring, but it always occurs in a vigorous and flourishing way. Yes, there is what we call ‘death’, but it is simply part of the always changing and ever-thriving energy of this permanently productive universe.  Today – like every day, and including me – will be exceedingly well-off, overflowing with liveliness. If there is gladness, it will be boundless, and if there is sorrow, it will be bottomless. Happiness will constantly spring up and blossom, and so will sadness. Every single moment today will be successful, in immeasurable and often unseen ways. Saturday,  July 3, 2021, will be an affluent, ‘stinking rich’ day, and I will be a lucky part of this opulence.


1. Figure out the flight of moments. 
2. Make piles of feelings 
and watch them float away. 
3. Love winning and losing the games of life.
4. Give to the wind
and watch what it gives back. 
5. Be brave like sunlight and life. 
6. Let your heart lift you up 
and up. 

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