Friday, July 2, 2021


            Slowly but surely, over the course of 79 years, I’ve come to see that life is a faithful friend, a friend I am very fortunate to have. How, I often wonder, did this trusty friendship happen? How did what is called ‘I’ come to have this dependable friend called life? And how did life itself start in the first place, and become so trustworthy? It’s amazing to me, for instance, that the present moment – right here and right now – is always right here right now. Sometimes the past and future seem way more real than the present, but the fact is that the present moment is unswerving in its devotion. It’s always here, and always reliable. No matter how confused and fearful I might become, the present moment, continuously new and fresh, is beside me in its steadfast way.  And the same can be said for all the dependable powers of life. Kindness, for instance, is tried-and-tested and forever ready to come to my aid, and patience is a proven friend, instantly available to help in any situation. Maybe best of all, love is loyal in its devotion. I am never without love’s endless power, no matter how disastrous my situation might seem. All I need to do is open the door, and boundless and loyal love is there, well-prepared and willing.  

            How did this mystery called ‘I’ become so blessed, so safe?

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