Monday, June 21, 2021, 4:35 a.m.


            This morning, as I listen to the songs of birds outside, it seems clear that in the coming hours, everything will be perfectly aligned, not because I will be able to put things in order, but because the endless universe itself is comprehensively meticulous. All is always well-kept, from tiniest atoms to towering mountains, and this day will be no exception. Though I am sure I will not always be aware of it, each present moment will be carefully and flawlessly structured, and all the passing hours will move in a beautifully methodical way. If there seems to be disorder and confusion, it will be disorder that contains concealed evenness, and confusion that will somehow and at sometime shine a new light on the orderliness of all things. Delycia and I will be doing another kayak float today on the Wood River today, and if my back begins to feel sore, I can be assured that right where the soreness is is also the vast and peaceable tidiness of the universe. Although it surely won’t always seem that way, everything, as always, will be in apple-pie order today. There will be sleekness and neatness everywhere – even in the apparent mishmash of riverside trees, even in the seemingly messy swirlings of the river, even in the occasionally uncomfortable movement of my elderly arms as I paddle along. Behind any seeming disruption will be a vast and endless alignment, the shining association of all things. 

            I just hope I can see it today. 

June 21, 2021

The effect of truth 
is quietness and assurance forever. 
You can see it 
spreading its goodness 
across the river, 
and down on the face of the sea. 
You can hear its quietness 
taking care of the world, 
its assurance speaking softly. 
Follow the truth 
across the undisturbed hills, 
or simply see it sitting next to you at work,
or shimmering in your soup at noon. 
Sometimes it whispers,
and sometimes 
it draws closer 
as your next thought. 

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