Saturday , June 19, 2021


         Today, like all days, will be for me a day of immediacy, because I will be constantly brought into direct and instant involvement with the fullness of life. There will be no hesitation, no waiting today. I will have the vast power of life available to me straight away, immediately, as soon as I need it. Today, and every day, in a flash, the vastness of powers like patience and kindness will be presented to me whenever I ask for them, and the fullness of peace will be instantly by my side when it’s required. Here and now, there and then, life will promptly be as perfect as it can possibly be. Whenever I want it, a brand new moment – a total startover – will present itself in the blink of an eye. In fact, the entire universe will renovate itself, this instant, over and over again. All day today, before I know it, I – and everything – will be born again. In a split second, again and again, a new beginning will begin. On this on-the-spot day, and on all future days, life will, like greased lightning, be constantly and suddenly bursting out.

         How does a 79-year-old guy get this lucky?

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