Sunday , June 13, 2021


            Every day is a good day for comparing, for setting things side-by-side to see their similarities. I often have the opposite habit, of seeing how dissimilar things are, but the truth is that everything in the universe – everything – has a marvelous resemblance, as if it is all part of the same family, which, of course, it is. There’s a strange – almost shocking – similarity between me and trees (we both twist and sway and sometimes stay silent) and clouds (we’re always moving, even when we seem to be still) and dust (we tend to gather in groups) – and all of us, all the seemingly separate things in the universe, are composed of similar, ageless atoms. We all carry the sparks sent forth when ‘the big bang’ happened many billions of years ago, and thus we’re all sisters and brothers in the truest sense. I can’t escape being part of a community. I live side-by-side with light and wind and little and large living creatures. I am the brother and sister of the shoppers in the supermarket we use, and the good buddy of broken hearts around the world. Indeed, today I can mention myself in the same breath with sunrises and silence and lightning and the butterflies among Delycia’s flowers. We’re all close and kindred in the best of ways.  


Wait for the wings of the morning. 
Wait in winter for the words of summer. 
Wait forever for falling snow.
Wait for silence.
Wait for daylight in the heart. 
Wait for the great gift, 
for goodness coming out again 
like the sun. 

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