June 7, 2021, 4:27 a.m.

            Today, instead of trying to make harmony happen, and instead of trying to constantly search for harmony, I want to simply appreciate the harmony that is already everywhere and everything. Reality is harmony and harmony is reality. Trying to make harmony happen is as silly as trying to make the present moment be here right now. It already is, always, and so is harmony. At 4:33 a.m. as I type this at my desk , there is perfect symmetry right here and now. In some utterly mysterious way, as these words are appearing on the screen, everything in life is moving in flawless coordination — even the words themselves, placed across the screen in impeccable compatibility. True, this world I live in often appears to be the opposite of harmonious, with its wars and sorrows and seemingly steady confusion, but I’ve slowly come to see that the disharmony is in my thoughts about life, not in life itself. Life, when I can see it clearly beyond the fog of my own thoughts, is a miracle of equilibrium – always. Today there will be coolness and calmness in each fresh moment, and total fairness as the hours flow along. My life may sometimes seem unsettled today, but inside any confusion will be the radiance of harmony. I look forward to looking carefully – and seeing it. 


Heaven is harmony.
Heaven is what you get 
when you hold a pencil,
or a breath of air, 
or a person.
It is what you see when the sun 
settles on the grass beside you.
It is just a streetlight flashing,
or a strong hand holding yours. 
Heaven comes to you
when you call it,
and then you can carry it 
in your heart to others. 

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