June 9, 2021


            There’s no doubt in my mind that today will be the best day it can possibly be. Each moment will be in the best of health, and the life I experience will quite literally be the best of all possible worlds. Today’s weather will put its best foot forward, always being on its best behavior. Sunlight will be at its best, and breezes will wish me the best of luck as they lift and fall and flow along. The squirrels in our backyard trees will do their level best to leap from branch to branch, birds will give us their best shot in songs, and the sky and its clouds will be in their Sunday best on this best of all Wednesdays. Looking ahead, I see countless moments that will be the best of the best, always bringing out the best in me, which is why, right now at this best of all times, 5:31 a.m.,  I’m sending my very best wishes, as best I can, to this best kept secret called Wednesday,  June 9, 2021. 

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