Sunday, June 6, 2021

A Word that Awakens: Victorious

         It’s wonderful to realize this morning, as I sit at my desk and hear the winning songs of birds outside, that every single moment today will be utterly victorious. Each moment will be as strong as a thousand sunrises, each one arising like a pristine and meticulously successful experiment. In a life that often seems like an endless series of modest failures and uncertain successes, today – truthfully – will be one prizewinning moment after another, if only I can turn and see its accomplishments. All day today – and this is amazing to realize – the limitless present moment will be utterly triumphant, the unvanquished ruler of the universe. Misgivings about the past will surrender to it, and concerns about the future will wane and wither in its splendor. I will witness – and be an essential part of –  unceasing triumphs today, moment after prizewinning moment.  

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