Saturday, June 5, 2021


         The word ‘exquisite’ comes from the Latin words meaning ‘to search’  or ‘sought after’, and today, I want to seriously search each present moment for its exquisite treasures. The look of the lamplight on my desk as I type this is exquisite and could be studied with eagerness. The small shadows the light makes around me are exquisite, and the books standing in silence on the shelves  have the fastidious look of things carefully constructed and deserving of attentiveness. Just now, I can faintly hear the graceful songs of birds outside, an example of the commonplace, magnificent music I could search after and be attentive to all day long. This day, all day, will be well-crafted, full of delicate constructions devised by our splendidly artistic universe, and I look forward to scrutinizing each moment for its special splendor. 

(about Shay M., 91, Blessings, CT, USA)
Saturday, June 5, 2021

So the phone rings
and another moment shines like a star.
The phone in his hand
is warm with friendship,
the rain on the windows 
has a restful voice,
and this life he lives 
flares like a candle flame,
all because this woman 
called to sell him something. 
Joyce, her name was,
a name that sings
on this day of dark rain,
and Rejoice!

shouts his pencil 
across a silent piece of paper. 

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