June 2, 2021


Definition: (of an action, idea, or goal) deserving praise and commendation: laudable though the aim might be, the results have been criticized.

            Today, I hope I can think of each moment as being truly laudable. I picture myself pausing briefly before each moment, and perhaps slightly bowing as a way of paying homage. It might be similar to seeing the majesty of the Grand Canyon suddenly materialize at sunrise, or raising a window shade at night and seeing a vast, star-studded sky. Each moment today – the ‘good’ ones and the ‘bad’ ones – will be just that astonishing, just that dumbfounding and bewildering and commanding, and therefore worthy of respect and honor. Who knows? Delycia might even occasionally see me standing silent and awe-struck today in the face of a brand-new moment. She might say, “Are you ok, Ham?” as she watches me stare at the new moment in absolute wonder and reverence. I might say to her, “Yes, I’m ok, but …  sweetie, where did this moment come from? How did it get here? And how did it become so totally new?” She might lovingly take my hand and sit down with me and say, “No one knows the answer to those questions, and no one ever will. It’s a mystery – a marvelous one – and deserving of our praise. So let’s just be silent and pay tribute to this beautiful and meritorious moment.” And I’ll bet we will somehow know that we – and everything – right then and there, are shining. 

Below are some scenes from our very laudable hike with our good friends, Peter and Evelyn, at Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in Natick, MA:

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