adjective – tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely: a tenacious grip.

from Latin tenaxtenac- (from tenere ‘to hold’) 

Monday, May 31, 2021

            Today, I hope I can hold in thought that everything inside me and around me is tenaciousTrue, it can often appear that life is the opposite of tenacious – that things around me are tentative, unsure, and preparing to fall apart at any moment – but the truth is that life – reality – is absolutely unshakeable. Perhaps I should say that the present moment is unshakeable, because that’s what life, or reality, actually is – the eternal present moment – and nothing can unfasten the grip of this persistent and resolute force.  It is everywhere and everything, and is single-minded in its determination to always stay with me, right here and right now.  Come what may, be they losses or disappointments or hurricanes or sorrows, the tireless, single-minded present moment is always beside me, always inside me and all around me in its boundless, steadfast way. And it truly is boundless. Since no other moment ever exists but the present, it extends out in all directions – and forever – and thus is always everywhere, always unflinching and unswerving, always tenacious. 

            If we’re looking for a purposeful, unflagging friend – and surely all of us are – we need look no farther than the never-ending here and now. That’s where life, or reality, always is, and it is always tenacious, always waiting and ready. 

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