from Latin convenire ‘assemble, agree, fit’, from con- ‘together’ + venire ‘come’.

May 30, 2021

            Today, like every day, everything will be convenient, because everything will ‘come together’ in a perfect way. As I sit here at my desk very early on this morning in May, the vast universe is coming together in multitudinous ways, as it is always doing. There’s never any dispersing in this congenial universe – never any disbanding or scattering. All is always assembling, never dispelling. Today, like all days, will be a non-stop get-together of atoms and molecules and thoughts and feelings and  sights and sounds – a celebratory social occasion, in all ways and in all directions and in all moments. The seemingly separate entity called ‘Hamilton Salsich’ will be an inseparable part of the festival, along with innumerable specks of  dust and swirls of winds and rays of light, all assembling in an effortless way to work special wonders in every moment, which will make all the coming millions of moments on this 30th day of May utterly ‘convenient’ – totally together, well balanced, calm, and at ease. 

            Wow! How fortunate I am to be part of this coming social festivity called ‘today’!  

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