Friday, May 28, 2021

            I hope this can be a day of agreeing for me. The boundless universe has something planned for me for each and every moment, and I hope I can be completely congenial. It would be fun – and relaxing – to be able to say a respectful ‘yes’ to whatever comes along today – to smile and wave and reach out my hand to every thought and situation. There’s no doubt that concurring would be a far easier way to spend this day than differing, arguing, and rejecting, which is how I usually spend my time. I don’t mean that I am generally disagreeable when with Delycia or other friends. No, my disagreeableness arises when I’m dealing with thoughts and situations. I’m almost always arguing with my own thoughts – tossing out this thought or fighting against that thought – and I usually treat seemingly adverse situations like outright enemies, rather than friends I can possibly learn something from. For me,  a typical 16-hour day is usually, to be honest, a 16-hour battle. 

            This day can be different. As I write, I hear the spring birds outside making their morning music, as if singing a convivial greeting to whatever comes their way, and I hope I can be just as agreeable. I hope that, each and every moment, I will have the same opinion as the universe. If life presents me with seeming difficulties and problems, I hope I can hold out my hand and help them feel welcome, and thereby help myself see how utterly harmless they really are. I hope to be able to smile at every situation that arises, to quietly consent to every circumstance. I surely won’t like  everything that happens today, but I hope I can peacefully acquiesce to everything, and thus gracefully rise above to see the glories and wisdom of whatever happens.  

May 28, 2021

One day, 
the word 'agreeable' 
gave its best gift
to a sadly quarrelsome man,
and the man suddenly saw 
the wisdom of assenting.
He turned to his wife 
and wished she would speak 
so he could agree,
and he gave his enthusiastic consent 
to the wheezing in his lungs. 
At breakfast, 
the lukewarm coffee 
gave him the chance 
to be courteous to it, 
and he greeted a pain in his foot
in a chivalrous manner. 
He made some mistakes that day,
which made him mad, 
but he simply smiled 
at his anger, 
and it softly disappeared. 

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