4:29 a.m., Thursday, May 27, 2021

         It’s always been interesting to me that the word ‘humor’ derives from the Latin word for ‘moisture’, suggesting that a little humor can sprinkle refreshing moisture on the boring dryness of the so-called ‘personal’ life of Hamilton Salsich. On any given day, I can get so wrapped up in the tedious task of protecting my separate little ‘self’ that life itself can seem as dry as an arid desert, and that’s why a spirit of showery, refreshing humor can be beneficial. Life seems so serious sometimes, but a good laugh can loosen up the seriousness, and soon my troubles are miniscule bubbles in the boundless, effervescent stream of life. Whenever I’m leaning over a cliff of scorched dreads and worries, a little laughter always sprinkles relief, and soon I’m seeing, again, that life is more comical than tragic, more like an amusing sitcom than a serious drama. 

         Today, I hope I can laugh at distress and suffering when it shows up – turn on the hose of good humor and give it a blissful shower! 😂

(about Bobby L., 37, Blessings, CT, USA)
Thursday, May 27, 2021

One day,
a moment of laughter
loosened up his life, 
and soon it was floating off
like a family of clouds 
in a boundless sky. 
He was scared 
to see all his seriousness 
disappearing so smoothly,
but soon he saw
that laughter lets in the truth
about everything, 
and that seriousness is as flimsy 
as the flowing winds,
and before long 
he and life were laughing together 
and throwing fears 
up in the sky 
like small, shining stars. 

I sometimes laugh in a light-hearted way when seeing the beautiful flowers in Delycia’s garden, like this elegant poppy just popping forth from its shell yesterday in full splendor …

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