4:30 a.m., Monday, May 24, 2021

       Today, I hope I can keep in mind that everything is adorable. The word ‘adore’ derives from the Latin word ‘orare’, which means ‘to speak’, and everything in this sacred universe is always speaking. Today, I hope I can be always listening. Messages will be made for me today – messages from the early songbirds that are making music outside as I write this, messages from all the moments that are ready to roll through the day with their infinite liveliness, messages from sticks in the grass and shadows among trees and the spoken words that will come like lucky winds from Delycia to me all day – and all of these messages are ‘adorable’ precisely because they will be speaking directly to me. 

       So here’s a message for me from me: “Listen carefully, Ham. This will be an adorable day.”  


4:33 a.m., Tuesday, May 25, 2021

     It’s wonderful to realize, early each morning, that everything in the universe, and in my life, is in flawless alignment – all perfectly positioned to make a perfect day for everything and everyone. Of course, it’s hard for me to see this alignment, as absorbed as I usually am in my small, personal world, but it’s definitely there. What’s wonderful is that I can sometimes feel this alignment, this way the universe has of displaying itself with trimness and discipline. Even in the midst of the chaos of a human world beset with disease and hostility, I sometimes sense the orderliness that exists in nature in even the worst storms – the way 100 mph winds work in graceful harmony as they whirl through the atmosphere, the way the flames of all fires swirl with a certain kind of symmetry. In the midst of what we humans might call ‘chaos’, there is always the consonance, the evenness of form, of the immeasurable and meticulous universe.  

       Today, I hope I can see the superbness, the ideal alignment, in all the minutes and hours, for it will always definitely be there.     

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