Friday, May 21, 2021

5:25 a.m.    Today I want to listen to the peaceful applause the universe is constantly creating. In the midst of my worries and concerns, I hope I can hold my ears open to hear the praise that’s all around me – the trees clapping their new young leaves together, spring’s birds singing compliments about their neighborhood, and even the oil in the pan, a bit later, speaking highly of two eggs as they swirl together to become my breakfast. For a very fortunate 79-year-old writer of prosperous, happy words, this day in May should be a day of applause. 

I felt lots of applause inside as Delycia and I walked the Beebe Pond trail this morning – a pathway that wanders in wonderful ways among roots making lovely patterns across the trail, stately trees of all shapes and sizes, and boulders that have been majestically sitting there for centuries. Here are some scenes from the walk …

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