Thursday , May 13, 2021

Yesterday, we took a very long walk – about 10 1/2 miles – and it was also a very good walk. I loved the loose and easy way we walked – taking our time but also showing the briskness and spiritedness that old happy folks like us often love. Delycia mapped out the walk for us, and it was an excellent route – along the lovely river, then up and down the testing hills of Mystic and Groton and along the winsome trails of Beebe Pond Preserve, and then back along the river to the car. I must admit that I was bone-tired as I got into the car, but also thankful that I have a dear friend who will find these adventurous walks for us and stride beside me for 10 1/2 spunky miles!

Below is our chalkboard poem for today:

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