April 18, 2021

One summer evening 
the sky was suddenly broken. 
There was a crash, 
and a shout from friends 
afraid of being separated, 
and then the pieces of the precious sky 
descended upon our simple lives, 
our lives that shine at every compliment, 
that sing whenever someone loves us. 
We stood outside and saw the shards 
of this costumed sky 
settling in the trees 
like invitations to happiness, 
calls to stop struggling, 
and just see. 
There was sky in the streets, 
and sky in the pockets of friends. 
We came home to our families 
with specs of blue 
and gleams of stars 
in our hands and hearts.

Below is a slide-show of some scenes from a very good week for us, including views of a crew team on the Mystic River and a wonderful walk with good friends at Tillinghast Preserve in RI. Swipe across to enjoy the show.

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