Theme for April: Receptivity

Saturday, April 10, 2021

In these elder years of life, I’m finally learning the art of docility – how to be a docile learner instead of an ambitious commander. Instead of believing that I can carry the weight of life by myself and show myself the way to satisfaction, I’m learning to ‘let go’ and happily accept the instruction that this boundless universe constantly offers. Now, at 79, I realize more and more clearly that I do not control my life, no more than waves control the ocean, and that by being a docile, compliant partner with the limitless zings and zips of life, I can start to feel the eternal flow of togetherness that moves through all of reality. Docility does not imply frailty or feebleness, but rather the vast capability that comes through joining forces with the dynamism that drives ocean currents and heartbeats and thoughts of love. To be docile is to be eager to please the wishes of the always flawless present moment – to be forever ready to cooperate with the amazing miracle of here-and-now. Happily, at last, I’m slowly learning this wondrous skill.    

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