Friday, April 9, 2021

When I discovered this morning that the history of the word “thank” connects it to the word “think”, it made sense to me, since thinking carefully about my life always makes me feel thankful. I would be a totally unthinking person if I failed to praise the beautiful things that brighten my days. Just the fact that I am somehow here, right now, on this startling planet, and living this always surprising life, is grounds for the sincerest gratitude. Who gave me this gift of a vast and silver sky above me and ten fingers to type words that sometimes win my heart when I read them? How did it happen that the ‘big bang’ so many billions of years ago eventually, in November of 1941, presented the universe with a baby boy named Hamilton, who has now seen so many miracles it makes his 79-year-old head spin? Just thinking about my marvelous life makes me want to wave and dance, but since I have to start preparing dinner for Delycia and me, perhaps I’ll simply do a small dance in the kitchen as I chop the mushrooms.

Here are two Canada geese pals hanging out in misty Elm Grove Cemetery on the Mystic River during our 3-mile walk this morning:

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