Today – and it’s still hard for me to comprehend this – Delycia and I took a 10-mile walk! Looking back on my 79 years of life, I’m fairly sure I never walked that far in one day. Actually, it’s a little hard for me to believe that we did actually walk 10 miles – except that I have it recorded and saved on ‘map-my-walk’ on my iPhone.

It was a wonderful journey – a bit over 5 hours long, and filled with almost nothing but lighthearted pleasure. Yes, I grew weary as we neared the end, and my feet were definitely feeling the effects of 10 miles of asphalt and bumpy trails, but still, there was a sense of vitality and vibrancy in both of us, hour after hour. We smiled and laughed almost the whole way.

Here are some photos from our inspiring odyssey:

And here’s an ‘instant spoken poem’ from the trip:

(a spoken, then-and-there poem,
10:03 a.m., April 7, 2021, 
Beebe Pond Preserve, Groton, CT)

and it shall be opened. 
and nothing will hurt you.
The doors swing 
wide open 
if you know the knock 
to listen for, 
which is always knocking, 
never stopping. 

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