Omnipresent Gracefulness

Theme for March: Vastness

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Sitting at a table in a mall one winter morning several years ago, I recall watching the various movements surrounding me. There was the steady up and down stream of the escalators, with people standing and moving on them or sometimes stepping vigorously to increase the speed. There were people walking here and there around me, some almost skipping with speed, some seeming to move stylishly along, some studying cell phones as they moseyed here and there. Sometimes people stopped or turned, for some reason, and their stopping and turning seemed graceful, almost silky. As I watched, it started me thinking about the smooth and mellifluous movements that surround us all, extending out to the planets and stars.  Cars on roads move among each other, for the most part, with ease and gracefulness, rivers run along their channels with marvelous suppleness, and, above us, planes fluidly proceed on their paths, while higher still, the planets and stars effortlessly swing along their paths. Indeed, the earth upon which the mall and I were sitting was spinning and sailing along with felicity – and so, I thought, it’s no surprise that gracefulness in movement existed in a shopping mall on a frozen winter day.     

Yesterday, Delycia and I spend a wonderful few hours with some good friends in the Boston area. We took a 3-mile walk walk through a beautiful nature preserve near their home, and then spent some quality time at their house, where our friends enjoyed showing us all the features of the house – which they had designed from top to bottom. A beautiful home – and a beautiful visit for us.

Below, some lovely early hellebores in Delycia’s garden …

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