Theme for March: Vastness

Thursday, March 18, 2021

‘Abound’ is a word that isn’t often used in writings and conversations these days, but yesterday morning, it seemed surprisingly suitable. From our sunroom, where Delycia and I were doing some quiet thinking and reading before breakfast, I could see a sky abounding in blue and gold, seemingly overflowing with those colors’ various shades. The trees around the house, too, abounded in soft early light, seeming almost crowded with it, as though the sun’s light was packing the trees as fully as possible. And I might add that, a few minutes later, as we enjoyed our simple breakfasts, I was abounding in feelings of good fortune. My life these days is brimful of satisfaction. The hours seem stuffed with fulfillment. Like all of us, I do sometimes face difficulties, but they are usually neutralized by the sustaining quietness that plentifully fills my days and nights. 

And here are some scenes from my morning walk in Elm Grove Cemetery, a place that abounds in quietness and grandeur…

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