A Well-Watered Garden

Theme for March: Vastness

Sunday, March 14, 2021

            As I look forward to seeing Delycia watering her flowers this spring and summer, it makes sense to think of my own life as a lucky and well-watered garden. After all, whether I always notice it or not, things are continuously growing in my life – fresh thoughts, feelings I’ve never felt before, new cells arising inside me, youthful breath for my lungs each moment. Each moment, in fact, provides a brand-new start for me, like a young shoot bursting through the soil in springtime. 🌱 Even on my dullest days, promise and opportunity is popping into bloom inside me and all around me. The garden of this good universe is fertile and fruitful. I just need to open my eyes and see it.  🌸

Here are some special scenes from our morning 3-mile walk in the Denison Pequotsepos Preserve. The sun in the distance is just starting to show itself.

And here’s a painting I love …

“Perfectly Happy”, oil, by Jenny Be

2 thoughts on “A Well-Watered Garden”

  1. I don’t know if you will read this or not, but in the event you do, this is one of your old, 55 years old, students from The College School. I’ve been reading and listening to some of your writings. I appreciate and like what you have to say.
    Some things just get better with time, your writings are attest to this observation.
    Take care, Laurie.


    1. Laurie – WOW! -how great to hear from you, bringing back wonderful memories of The College School! I’m grateful for your kind thoughts about my writing, and hope all is well with you and family and friends.


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