Loving the Sunrise

Theme for March: Vastness

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Delycia and I are loving our sunrise walks, especially along the majestic Mystic River. With the sun just faintly unfolding its light, we walk in a loose and lively way, usually in silence to best absorb the beauties of the scene, but sometimes using quiet conversations to share our early-morning thoughts. Above are some of the splendor of Thursday morning’s sunrise, and two appreciative sunlit witnesses.

This morning, we were out early once again, and sometimes walked side-by-side with two long, looming shadows made by the rising sun.

This thin sheet of ice showed surprising designs, which the early light lit up in a special way.

Here’s a map of our walk through the Denison Pequotsepos Preserve:


At sunrise, he opened a word
and light leaped out across his hands,
He opened another at breakfast
and somewhere a chorus started singing.
He placed some words in a pot
and stirred, 
and saw sophisticated sunshine.
Then words ran through him
like crazy kids 
loving all kinds of things.

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