Ham’s Castle

Theme for March: Vastness

Monday, March 1, 2021

I think I need to get a larger view of my life, since I sometimes don’t seem to have room enough to receive all the gifts I get each day. Perhaps I need to see my life as a vast castle that can easily hold the endless gifts I’m given – gifts like the sunlight that’s always somehow with me in the daylight hours, and the eyesight that allows me to look at the light shining on slowly vanishing snow, and the wind that whips up fresh weather second by second, and the full-of-life thoughts that arise inside me by the thousands each day. Perhaps my life should be called “Ham’s Castle”, a palace with no walls and no doors, a mansion that widens whenever necessary to welcome the crowds of gifts that are constantly surrounding it and asking for entrance.

(a poem about Braelynn J., 52, Blessings, CT)

Her life looks vast to her,
like it truly has no boundaries, 
like it’s a sky, 
or a sea without shores. 
She’s sure her thoughts
are as immense 
as the mountains she loves,
and she loves flowing 
with feelings as infinite 
as the spread-out skies
she sees above her house -
a humble house which somehow 
holds the universe’s limitless kindness
with expansive ease and elegance. 

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