Abbracadabra! Bouncing Back at 69

Theme for February: Resilience

Friday, February 19, 2021

After a difficult divorce in 1990, I struggled for awhile with serious gloom and grief, but as time passed, I slowly settled into a fairly pleasant life of not only singleness, but single-mindedness. My focus became strictly on me – on my career as a teacher, on my spiritual life, and on my grown children – and that firm focus unfolded into 20 very happy years for me. It was like life was a horseback ride, and I was riding the gentlest of all horses.  I often said to myself, “Hey, you couldn’t possibly be happier, Ham!”

Well … then … abracadabra! … one day, when I was 69-years-old, as I was sitting in my small and snug apartment, as happy as an easy-going rider, I heard a soft voice inside me say something like, “Try” “Who said that?” I wondered – and looked around, but I was the only one there. Then again the voice – or the thought – came again: “Try”. 

Well, I was sort of stunned – and transfixed – by that simple but bizarre thought. It was almost as though I was knocked off my peaceable horse – my easygoing, unattached life – and presto!, I was off, at almost 70, on a romp and caper. 

After signing up on the dating website, I received a reply the very next morning from a woman with the mysterious name of ‘Delycia’, asking if we might have what she called a ‘cuppa’ at the Natick Mall. Well, we had our ‘cuppa’, and it was as if I was – kablooey! – knocked off yet another horse, and when the fogginess from my fall cleared, there I was, sauntering along with this exquisite Delycia at the start of a celestial-style romance that has lasted, thus far, some ten fairy-tale years. Of course, there have been bounces and struggles, brays and whinnies, along the way, as in all good fairy tales, but even through the occasional disagreements and difficulties, a soft and steady light seems to always be shining, 

I’m glad I know what it’s like to be knocked – open sesame! – off a horse at the age of 69! 

(a poem about a make-believe town)
In Magic, Minnesota, USA, 
life makes a generous magic,
joining all the play therapies
this thoughtful world throws around
like it’s a manager of intelligent love,
like life is a gymnasium of advantageous magic,
of wizardry offered as prizes
for being a part of the easy, 
amusing games our universe provides for us,
including, for sure, 
in the bountiful town of Magic.

Some scenes from our 80-minute walk this morning on the snowy trails of the Denison Pequotsepos Preserve …

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