Wednesday, February 17, 2021


On our early morning walk today, we saw a most graceful sunrise, and so did the bald eagle in the photo below. Delycia and I walked a little over five miles at a lively pace, occasionally talking and sometimes glancing to the east to see the shades of color in the light slowly changing – but the bald eagle, whom we saw at about the two-mile mark, was just sitting on the very tip of a branch, sometimes turning its head, but always silently sitting, facing the rising sun. We stopped for a few minutes to watch the eagle and take some photos. Perhaps we were worshipping him while he was worshipping the sunrise.

(Sharon Z., 78, Blessings, CT)
She takes life by storm,
but it's a soft storm,
something like lightning,
but as cheerful and gentle as the joy
that usually shimmers inside her.
She throws herself at life,
but with love and lightness,
and life always lets its helpfulness
flow to her,
since they've settled
on being best of friends.
Sharon does her sweet-tempered storms
all day long,
storms of supportive words
that swirl softly inside people,
storms of smiles
as trustworthy as sunlight,
storms of understanding
that friends love loosening up in.
Her storms stir up
only peace and reassurance.
They damage only the dams
unkindness sets up.
Her house in Blessings
is a place of sympathetic storms.
You sense supple winds of helpfulness
in all the rooms.
“Bald Eagles”, watercolor, by James Lagasse

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