Relaxing with Life

Theme for February: Resilience

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

(Sharon Z., 82, Blessings, CT)
Strange, but one day,
she saw a rock relaxing, 
just sitting beside a fence
as though it was smiling. 
Then she saw clouds calming down 
all across the sky, 
sort of softening and resting
as they strayed here and there. 
Soon she noticed the wind unwinding, 
like it was sick of rushing 
and just wished
for some leisure time, 
and then, surprisingly, a sparrow 
settled on the grass 
and composed itself, 
as if it was loosening up 
after its morning’s search for food. 
Sharon stood still, in wonder,
and the wind stroked her softly.


            I’ve often been bothered by the “noise” that seems to inevitably be present in doctor’s and dentist’s waiting rooms – the constant sounds of television shows or recorded music – but something happened one morning that made me rethink my attitude toward it. As I was walking outside in the yard, I noticed that I was accompanied by the sounds of strong winds and cars on the distant interstate. The sounds were steady and insistent, and wherever I walked in the yard, they were always there. I couldn’t escape them, just as I can’t escape the televised or musical sounds in the waiting rooms. The difference was that I took pleasure in the sounds in the yard. Instead of struggling against them, instead of classifying them as “noise” and wishing they would stop, I listened to them with acceptance and appreciation. The sounds of the winds and cars weren’t what I would call “beautiful”, but they were somehow interesting and worthy of note. Perhaps, on my future visits to dentist’s or doctor’s offices, I will try to come with ears that are less closed and resistant, and more relaxed and approving – ears that welcome and appreciate rather than resist and shut down.  

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