A Carefree Snowstorm

Theme for February: Resilience

Monday , February 8, 2021

Yesterday was a truly lovely day of snow, with the kind of large and softly falling flakes that always makes a winter wonderland.

Inside, there were Delycia’s colorful flowers on the windowsill, while outside, all was beautifully white.

And here’s a view from our front porch …

and our snowbound yard and house …

What I especially noticed as I watched the snow from a window, and as we walked around the block later in the afternoon, was the suppleness of the snowflakes – the way they floated here and there in carefree ways, letting their plumpness (and they were plump) push them here and there as they drifted with the wind. There was no straight-down falling of flakes in this cushiony storm. All the flakes seemed smooth and fleecy as they wandered up and down and over and around on their peaceful fall to the ground. It was definitely a storm, but definitely a lamblike one, having in it as much serenity as storminess.

Here’s a view from our bedroom window, including the paper snowflakes we made at Christmas …

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