Changing My Mind

Theme for February: Resilience

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

I’ve ‘changed my mind’ millions – maybe billions – of times, and lately I’ve come to see each of those changes as a sort of sunrise inside me. Each change was not just a change of thought, but more like a switch in minds, as if I replaced one mind with another, as if changing my mind brought a whole new world of thoughts to my life. And actually, doesn’t each new thought start a fresh flow of more new thoughts in our minds? I guess, in a sense, thoughts can work wonders the way sunrises start new days. After all, a thought is not a material thing we can hold in our hands, but more like a light that illuminates, for a moment, not just our minds but our lives, including everything. It’s like our mind changes into a brand new mind – and a brand new world – when a new thought, each moment, dawns like daybreak inside us.   

On our walk this morning at the Denison Pequotsepos Preserve, I felt like we were in a ‘brand new world’ made of pure winter beauty (see video below).

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