Words and Wind

Theme for February: Resilience

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Sometimes, when I’m talking fairly quickly in a conversation, I have very little sense of the value off my words, but when I recall how the wind works, I realize that I should relax and listen with gratefulness and pleasure as words pass among us. When the wind is blowing back and forth and here and there with full freedom, all its movements are making something special happen, even if I don’t notice it, and perhaps words always work some sort of magic in their secret way. Perhaps I should always speak with confident enthusiasm, simply because I’m sending out the special powers of thoughts, like the wind lets loose its helpful forces across the earth. The wind never makes a mistake as it makes its way among us, and maybe our words, as long as they’re spoken sincerely and without spitefulness, always stir up something helpful for our lives. It could be that I should share my words more willingly and freely, sending them forth with good-natured eagerness, tossing them out like seeds to see what springs up. I wonder if I could speak in the way the wind does its work, with flexibility, free rein, and some type of gracefulness, making my words always a force, one way or another, for good? 

(two in their 70's)
They felt delight inside the wind, the joy
of nature in its cheerful liveliness.
They felt this fun-loving wind would bless
them, would treat then like a girl and boy
made just for windy, untroubled days. The trees
were bending in the wind like dancers full
of joy, and he and she could feel the pull
and whirl of youthfulness. A fresh-faced breeze
was blowing through their lives. The generous gift
the wind was giving filled them with the light
that floats in early spring. Their lives felt bright
and young. It was as if this wind could lift
them up where springtime always flows and thrives
in hearts so new, in elderly young lives.

The Gust of Wind, by Jean Baptiste Corot

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