A Vast Partnership

Theme for January: Abundance

Friday, January 29, 2021

This morning I was sitting at my desk, listening to some Mozart sonatas for violin and piano and trying to think of something to write in my blog, when I suddenly felt tears coming. I’m sure it was the beautiful music that started them. Just hearing the loveliness of Mozart  making a violin and piano dance together with easy magnificence sometimes does bring me to the tears of gratefulness. But this morning the music and the tears took me away from our small house in Mystic and out to our extended family in Rhode Island and northern Connecticut and Massachusetts and New Hampshire and St. Louis, hoping they are all well, and then around the whole earth, where I knew so many millions of people were not at all well, were seriously suffering, right in those very minutes while I was listening to the loveliest of all music. Strange, how musical beauty at its best can bring out the beauty of compassion – how the simple splendor of a sonata can make one feel the sorrows of a suffering world. I guess it’s the ancient mystery of togetherness – how splendor always shares its home with suffering, how the elegance of beauty brings it into partnership with the darkness of sorrow and grief. It gives me, again, some insight into the vastness of this amazing universe, where joyfulness and sorrow and beauty and bereavement endlessly dance in partnership.   

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