Much Love

Theme for January: Abundance

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Good friends sometimes close a letter with “much love”, and just now, on a frozen, snow-covered day in Mystic, I see much love all around me. I see it in my wife’s flowers carrying themselves with great grace on a window shelf near where I’m typing. They were set there years ago because Delycia does more loving than anyone I know, and the blossoms are beautifying both our home and the snowy scene outside the window. I see love, too, in the pendulum clock hanging on the wall behind me – a clock made by craftsmen who probably loved their labor, loved setting the parts in their proper places so the chimes would reliably sing their song every fifteen minutes. When you love your work, the love lives on in your creations, and this is true even for the cold, old streets of our town which were plowed last night and today by drivers who do their work with precision, and perhaps (I hope) with pride. They may not see it this way, but I see much love in what they have done for all of us, allowing us to move about town today and take this white winter day in stride, and maybe even in joyfulness, maybe even with much love.

And we felt much love coming to us from these snowy scenes as we did our beloved morning walk today. Nature loves all of us – always – and it was easy to sense that love on this snow-covered morning.

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