Flowing with an Infinite Ocean

Theme for January: Abundance

Sunday, January 24, 2021

            It’s interesting to me that the word ‘resolution’ derives from the Latin words meaning ‘the process of reducing things into simpler forms’, because this is exactly what I hope to do in 2021. As the years have passed, life, in some ways, seems to have steadily grown more complicated for me, and I yearn to discover (or perhaps rediscover) the simplicity that I believe lies at the center of life. Indeed, not life itself, but my thinking about life, has made things complicated, and I hope in the next 12 months to ‘resolve’ – or ‘re-solve’ – my life, to break it down into its essential ingredients, to see more clearly the simplicity and cleanness and newness of my moments and hours and days. Surprisingly, it won’t take willpower to do this. In fact, it’s my own ego-centered willpower that’s caused most of the complications and confusions of my life. I’ve always thought ‘I’ could accomplish a good life all by myself, simply by exerting my willpower, but that attitude actually created more disorder and bewilderment. I was like a small wave in a vast ocean, a wave that thought it was the boss and could manipulate the ocean to do its will. In 2021, I am going to try to do what a smart wave would do – let go of the belief that it’s separate and alone and simply relax into the immense power of the ocean and let it do the work. I am an inseparable part of an infinite ‘ocean’, or force, which some people call God, but I prefer names like Love or Spirit or Light. Since I am part of this force, all I have to do to simplify my life in 2021 is yield to the vast power of Life, spelled with an uppercase ‘L’. Some people say “Let go and let God”, but I say “Ham, let go and let the endless ocean of Love and Spirit and Light do the work.” That’s the best resolution I could make for this new year — to surrender my paltry willpower to the unadulterated and tender strength of Life itself.

“Ocean View”, oil on canvas, by Vahe Yeremyan

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