Be Like a Wind

Theme for January: Abundance

Friday, January 15, 2021

When some problem seems to be standing in my way, it sometimes helps me if the wind is blowing outside. Then, I either sit by a window and watch the wind swaying the trees, or, better still, I walk outside, and soon a question comes to me: Does the wind ever have a problem? The wind blows freely and flexibly, flowing easily around trees and homes and cars and hills. If the wind bumps up against an obstacle – what I might call a ‘problem’ – it simply slides around or over or under it and continues on its easy way. You might say that any situation the wind finds itself in is tailor-made for it, because it will always perform with style and effortlessness, and soon press on with its graceful voyage across the land. I guess the ease and smoothness of the wind brings home its best lessons to me. “Just loosen up, Ham”, it seems to say. “Be like the wind. Go around, over, or under, and the problems will suddenly be transformed into abundant opportunities for elegance and artistry. Just be like the wind.”   

He welcomes his problems
like lovable puppies.
He knows they prepare him
for further adventures and fun ahead,
so he hugs his problems
in heartfelt friendship,
showing them the thoughtfulness
that may inspire them
to share their beneficial wisdom.
His problems are his helpers.
Their companionable barks
are the neighborly signals
of fresh inspiration,
arriving and ready.
“Before the Wind”, oil, by Mickie Acierno

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