Miracles and Screens

Theme for January: Abundance

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

On our sunrise walk this morning along the river, I took this photo of the rising sun being somewhat screened from us by a bush on the shore

and it started me thinking, as I paced along beside Delycia, that the beauties of this life I’ve been taking part in for 79 years are often screened from me by my own self-constructed separators. I am surrounded, I am sure, by amazing miracles, but they are so often hidden behind the partitions I’ve continuously set up over the years – partitions which might fit under the label of ‘busyness’. At any given moment, I’m usually busy either with tasks, or thoughts, or passing distractions, or fears, or worries, all of then setting up screens that obstruct my view of the little and large miracles that are always all around me. I might see the most ordinary things – an old bush by the shore, a bunch of grass blades, morning ripples in a river, cars streaming smoothly along an interstate – as truly marvelous, but only if they are not screened from me by the countless curtains of busyness I have set up. Each small moment is a major miracle, like a fresh sun rising in my life, but I must continuously set aside my busyness so the great light can be seen.

Below are some other miracles we saw on our walk …

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