Abundant Rivers

Theme for January: Abundance

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

It surprises me that I still sometimes consider my personal life so all-important, as though I’m at the center of the universe’s show, when the truth is that my personal life is as brief as a passing shadow, as fleeting as a tale quickly told. In the immeasurable history of the universe, my life span is no more than a snap of the fingers, something that flashes and disappears in a small part of a second. It’s a bubble in the stream of time that bursts almost before the everlasting stars have seen it. This doesn’t mean my life is insignificant – just that it’s not at the center of things, not the axis around which the world revolves. Hamilton Salsich is a wave in the abundant – and ceaseless – river of the universe – a wave that’s special, yes, but no more so than the smallest mouse or the breeze that’s blowing past our house just now. I love my life, but I hope I can love it no more than I love other people’s lives, or the rolling river near our house, or the small birds that bring their beautiful, overflowing lives to our feeders. It’s a little and very large tale, this life of mine, a tale among countless other brief but endless tales the universe has been telling forever.      

As usual, we saw amazing abundance on our sunrise walk along The Mystic River this morning….

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