Theme for January: Abundance

Monday, January 11, 2021

I was resting my elbows on the arm of my desk chair just moments ago, and it made me think about how many other things are available to help me loosen up and relax a little. The chairs set around our house, for instance, are places for pausing for rest. When I’m sitting in a comfortable chair, it’s like the chair is saying Stay with me and rest awhile. Even our carpeted floors are places for easing up and slowing down – soft ‘footbeds’, you might say, where worn-out, elderly feet can find some helpful rest. I guess, honestly, resting places are presented to me almost everywhere: sidewalks that are more restful and safe for feet than the often uneven roads; the cushioned seats in our car that care for me and Delycia when we’re out for a drive; and even, I suppose, the sympathetic earth itself that’s been softly and faithfully shoring me up for 79 years. Indeed, I never have to search to find a place to pause and rest, since the bountiful, trustworthy earth is always there. 

He often feels his thoughts
resting on comforting pillows.
He sometimes feels his house
resting on the earth,
and he knows the earth
always rests in the arms
of the universe,
and that his whole life
rests in these same soft
but super-strong arms,
which is why he often
stretches and smiles.

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