Theme for January: Abundance

Sunday, January 10, 2021

In my younger years, I dreamed of becoming affluent, by which I meant having a plentiful supply of resources – enough to take care of any possible need. It seemed like a wonderful goal to aim for. I pictured myself surrounded by an adequate quantity of wealth, enough so that worries would disappear and fears would fade away. I thought it would be a perfect way to live, and, as astounding as it sometimes seems to me, it has actually happened in the abundant life together that Delycia and I have. We truly live a life of fulfilling affluence, even though we sometimes probably aren’t aware of it. Yes, we have a modest and satisfying retirement income, but more importantly, we have a plentiful supply of the most powerful resources in the universe – non-material forces like patience, and peace, and acceptance, to name just a few. At all times, we have within us a profusion of sparkling and sometimes groundbreaking powers. The word ‘affluence’ derives from a Latin word meaning ‘flow’, and, in a sense, our life together is like a river of inner, infinite powers – like friendliness and compassion and openness – that are freely and relentlessly flowing. Of course, like everyone, we are often not aware of this treasure inside us, but it’s definitely there. Our family and friends, I hope, can sense that plentiful power within us, can know, for sure, that life for this couple is gracefully and harmoniously moving in a very healthy way. That is true affluence, and it is with Delycia and me every day!

We saw another splendid sunrise on our walk this morning through the forest at the Pequotsepos Coogan Preserve …

and here are two tall, elderly shadows striding along with joy …

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