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Theme for January: Abundance

Thursday, January 7, 2021

            I should always consider all things. I should always try to get the biggest possible picture of this mystery called life. As I go through my days, I need to try my best to circumspectly see the innumerable variables that are always in operation. Of course, I must definitely focus on the one thing, the single task, that’s before me at any moment, but I also need to somehow keep all things in view. In this regard, I find it helpful to imagine that I’m a powerful camera placed on a far away star. First I zoom in on the single task that is before me – let’s say a piece of writing that I’m working on. At that close perspective, the writing seems vitally important, and, in a sense, it is. Being the one job within reach, it deserves my careful attention. However, as I pull the zoom slowly back, I begin to see other important things – my neighbors, first of all, with their fears and dreams, and then people in other neighborhoods, and then the town of Mystic and its people, with their innumerable troubles and triumphs. I begin to realize that, while my piece of writing is important, so are all these other thingsThen, as I keep zooming out with the camera, I see, in my mind, all the people in America, and then all the people in the world. I see millions of starving and sick people, the dying and the dead, the newborn and the thriving. I see mountains and forests and seas. And when I pull back further, I begin to consider all things – the everlasting, abundant universe itself, with its limitless spinning galaxies and stars. I still see my single task – my specific piece of writing – but now I also see how this task is merely a part of the boundless activity of the universe. All things considered, I realize that my writing project is, indeed, an important task, but no more important than all the other multitudinous undertakings of the magnificently lavish universe I am so lucky to be living in.

We took an inspiring sunrise walk this morning along the Mystic River, and saw unbelievable displays by this lavish universe:

And here’s a look at two brave walkers on frozen roads – on Tuesday, and yesterday:

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