Theme for January: Abundance

Monday, January 4, 2021

A Universe of Abundance

Abundance overflows in life – every day, every moment. Just making these words appear on my computer screen required a generous supply of powers – thinking, seeing, moving my fingers to type. To bring even simple words together in an understandable way requires a measureless profusion of thoughts, sort of like an inner mental cascade, and thus it would be impossible to count how many thoughts it took to fashion even these few words. And – each moment, all over the world, powers like these are plentiful in everyone, in different degrees and styles. Even someone speaking casually to another person is making use of bountiful abilities.   

This is definitely a universe of abundance … and we can see some of that abundance in these scenes I passed during my walk along the Mystic River this morning:

In Abundance, South Carolina, 
there is a profusion of pleasant feelings
flowing out from everywhere - 
from homes, from stones in fences, from puzzles 
people are putting together together. 
Here, there is affluence 
even in grilled cheese sandwiches, 
even in raisins sitting on a plate beside a magazine.  
Citizens have noticed exuberance in sunrises,
in scissors slicing through paper, 
even in legs lifting and falling while walking. 
In Abundance, there's always opulence 
in the zestful zigzags of life,
and when disasters have struck, there's speedily been 
the bulldozing of problems by friendship 
with its lavishness and its feeling of blue skies. 
Better bring big bags to hold all the goodness
when you pay a visit to Abundance.  

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