Ice-Cold and Carefree

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Yesterday, we took another frozen, carefree walk along the snow-plowed roads, watching always for icy spots, sometimes gently guiding each other. We had our masks on quite often, mostly just for warmth, and it was hard to say much through the masks, so we had a mostly silent walk, but stopping now and then to share thoughts.

These splendid icicles on small cliffs beside the Mystic River caused us to stop and smile and be amazed.

And today, we took another frigid walk, this time for almost 3 miles along the snow-covered trails at the Coogan Denison Preserve. For me, it was a tiring but beautiful walk – a chance to feel the fun of hiking in a snowy woodland, something I’ve rarely done. For both of us, it was a few happy miles of a wintry wonderland.

Here are some photos:

And a lovely pastel from the internet …

“Snowy Woods”, pastel, by Maureen Wallace

And, finally, our annual Christmas jigsaw puzzle, just completed yesterday …

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