Little Miracles

Delycia and I had a wonderful few hours today, decorating the house for this special season. We didn’t spend a lot of money – didn’t buy an enormous Christmas tree – but, in small, kindly ways, we worked some little miracles with and for each other. Miracles don’t take much, really – just maybe shopping together at a small store, purchasing a little sweet-looking tree, setting it up at home beside a big window, stringing lights around it, stepping back to bring the twinkling miracle alive for us, and then sharing a smile – maybe the best wonder of all.

Here are a few photos of this multi-miraculous day.

There were also smaller miracles today, like a bracing morning walk together in numbing but gladdening cold, and some time sitting together to send homemade holiday cards to family and friends.

Lucky us!

two very lucky friends

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